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Since time immemorial, locks and keys have been a major part of our lives as it keeps our loved ones as well as our belongings safe and secure. Locks act as a barrier and protect your possessions from getting robbed. But a break-in situation can happen if your locks aren't that solid. When was the last time you had paid attention to your home security system? It is important to ensure that your locks are in proper shape. You don’t have to wait for an emergency to arise, to acknowledge that your locks need replacement. Boston Lock And Safes is considered as the most reliable locksmith in Boston Massachusetts, with our services spread across different zones. With the recommendation of our existing customers and through consistent word of mouth, our Boston local locksmith business attracted more and more customers in the last 10 years, making us the best Boston locksmith in Boston MA. Our clients hail from different backgrounds, and we continue to put efforts to solve their locksmithing needs, right from providing security advice to operating as an automotive locksmith in Boston. It has been a privilege to work with different firms and residences to address their lock and key issues.

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Why us?

Here at Boston Lock And Safes, we are concerned for your safety at your homes and at your workplace. Our experienced locksmith technicians offer a wide range of specialized locksmith services to our clients. In these 10 years of our business, we have never compromised on our quality.

Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your business security? Don’t sacrifice your safety and security to substandard locks. It doesn’t matter what time you call us, we can assist you 365 days a year and 24- hours a day. Don’t hesitate to call Boston’s local locksmith at 617-206-2135 and schedule your free security consultation with one of our experts in your area.

Our licensed team of experts makes sure that no call goes unanswered. Whether you simply want to assess any security systems or need any replacement services. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

About us

Boston Lock And Safes is one of the oldest locksmiths in Boston Massachusetts. We are a leading locksmith service provider running our business for 10 years now. Our services are designed in such a way that it is accessible and available by all. Running 24/7 service has made us connect to more and more customers.

We offer commercial, residential, automotive and emergency locksmith services. To provide top-notch services, our technicians go through extensive training and rigorous selection process. Locksmith services can now come handy to anyone. You just need to call us and our experts will assist with the best solutions.

Reliable Technicians:

Talented individuals are selected through a tough screening process. Individuals from various countries interview to join our organization. Our recruitment team goes through each profile and select individuals with top-of-the-line education and industry experience. Thorough background checks are also taken place so that we don’t recruit any wrong individuals which hamper the safety of our clientele.

After selection, our technicians undergo rigorous training process to become the best professional Boston locksmiths in Boston MA. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more.

24/7 Mobile Emergency Services:

Need emergency services 24/7?  Few things are more stressful than finding yourself in an emergency. No matter, what emergency services you require, our 24- hour emergency locksmiths are here to help! Our mobile vans are strategically placed in and around the city of Boston Massachusetts. Whenever a distress call is confirmed, we dispatch a team of experts immediately.

Our services:

A perfect blend of understanding and proficiency, Boston Lock And Safes offers security solutions for a wide range of commercial, residential and automobile clients. Our extremely customized services ensures that your space – be it your home, office, or car be given the same attention and commitment throughout. Hence, you need a local locksmith in Boston to deliver the following locksmith services:

Automotive locksmith solutions:

Keys jammed in ignition? Or you need an ignition fix after an attempted burglary? Need help with a lockout? Don’t panic. All you need to call is the best  automotive locksmith in Boston  who will assist you with all your requirements. When thinking of a locksmith, think of Boston Lock And Safes and no one else. We at Boston Lock And Safes provide approved car lockout services without causing further damage to your vehicle. Trust us with all your automotive locksmithing needs. Check out some of our other automotive locksmith services:

  • Car key extraction
  • Cylinder changed
  • Auto rekeys
  • Ignition repair
  • Lockout assistance
  • Trunk unlock
  • 24/7 automotive services
  • Car door lock repair and replacement

Residential locksmith services:

Get the best home security system to protect you and your family. If you feel that your locks have seen better days, consult a professional locksmith service provider now! Who better than Boston Lock And Safes? We provide a comprehensive range of residential locksmith services at an affordable price. With Boston Lock And Safes, select the locksmith services that are committed to helping you promptly and skilfully. Secure your home with the latest technology locks and give vandals a tough fight.

Some of our residential locksmith services are:

  • Garage door locks
  • High security lock systems installation
  • Home key cutting
  • Eviction locksmith service
  • Residential lockout assistance
  • Mailbox lock change
  • Lock rekeying

Commercial locksmith solutions:

If you have moved into a new office, you want to be sure that you and your employees are the only ones with access to your assets and belongings. Then, the first thing you need to do is to call a commercial locksmith service provider. Boston Lock And Safes brings to you a range of commercial locksmith services in Boston MA at prices that fit your budget. Our locksmiths in Boston Massachusetts work round the clock to provide the best in town commercial locksmith services. Following are the residential services provided by Boston Lock And Safes:

  • Back door security
  • Gate work
  • Duplication of keys
  • Installation of high security locks
  • Alarm systems installations
  • Digital locks configuration
  • Emergency exit lock setup
  • File cabinet and safe installation

Emergency locksmith solutions:

Our firm offers high-quality services with or without an appointment. Our fully qualified team of technicians will make sure to give you a reminder call to ensure that they will find you at your indicated location at your chosen date and hour. Our main goal is to boost the safety of your home and office and for that, Boston Lock And Safes comes with a variety of emergency locksmith services in Boston MA at economical prices. If you would like to book an appointment for a particular day and at a particular time with one of our emergency locksmiths, you definitely can. Don't let these lock and key issues trouble your sleep or ruin your entire day, we are here to take care of all your complex requirements. Our team of experts continuously 24/7 monitor different areas of Boston Massachusetts, so that no emergency is unnoticed or unanswered. Whether you are locked out of your house or car or you have lost your home keys or car keys, our Boston local locksmiths are here to help. Don't let these situations make you act irresponsibly. Instead, call Boston Lock And Safes and we shall take it from there. Our emergency locksmith services are as follows:

  • Lockout assistance
  • Lock rekeying
  • Safe unlock
  • Quick key making
  • Lock installations

If you find yourself in a commercial, residential or automotive locksmith emergency or are just looking for standard locksmith services, then just give us a call. Our on-spot services are provided at cheaper rates compared to other firms. You don't have to find us, we can come to your doorstep. All you need to do is give us a call on our hotline number 617-206-2135.

We Provide Lockout Service in the following zip codes.

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